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joi, 3 iunie 2010

leapşă by lynn


- Available: numai pentru tine nu

- Age: 14

- Annoyance: cocalari şi piţipoance

- Allergic: la manele

- Animal: mâţe

- Actor: Johnny Depp

- Beer: mmm . . Ştejar

- Birthday/Birthplace: 8 august , Bucureşti

- Best Friends: A lot.

- Body Part on opposite sex: Păr şi boobs.

- Best feeling in the world: Acţiunea şi pericolul

- Blind or Deaf: Deaf.

- Best weather: Când tună şi fulgeră.

- Been in Love: Nu cu adevărat.

- Been bitched out? Nope.

- Been on stage? Yup.

- Believe in yourself? Normal.

- Believe in life on other planets? Logic. Eu trăiesc pe alta.

- Believe in miracles? Nu.

- Believe in Magic? Da, cred.

- Believe in God? Presupun că da.

- Believe in Satan? Normal.

- Believe in Santa? Da, da, dacă aş avea patru - cinci ani.

- Believe in Ghosts/spirits? Hm , nu.

- Believe in Evolution? Da, dacă şi maneliştii ar evolua la stadiul de rockeri.

- Car: Nu.

- Candy: Love them.

- Color: Negru, mov, alb, roşu şi albastru.

- Cried in school: Nope.

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate.

- Chinese/Mexican: Mexican.

- Cake or pie: Cake.

- Countries to visit: U.S.A., Norway, U.K.

- Day or Night: Night, ofc.

- Dream vehicle: sk8 :x

- Danced: Yuck!

- Dance in the rain? Nope.

- Dance in the middle of the street? Nope.

- Do the splits? .

- Eggs: Yup.

- Eyes: Negrii.

- Everyone has: Aer.

- Ever failed a class? Jesus, no.

- First crush: în a7a.

- Full name: Alex or Metal.

- First thoughts waking up: Fuck !

- Food: Pizza.

- Greatest Fear: Dunno.

- Giver or taker: Taker.

- Goals: A lot.

- Gum: Five.

- Get along with your parents? Yup.

- Good luck charms: Dunno.

- Hair Colour: Black.

- Height: 1.78m.

- Happy: sk8.

- Holidays: Fun and sk8.

- How do you want to die: Killed.

- Health freak? No.

- Hate: Everithing [ sometimes ]

(In guys/girls)
- Eye colour: Black.

- Hair Color: Black or green.

- Height: Not as tall as me.

- Clothing Style: Goth, punk...

- Characteristics: Nu ştiu . . să fie de gaşcă, să se dea pe sk8, să adore aventura şi să nu fie romantică.

- Ice Cream: Choco.

- Instrument: Chitară.

- Jewelry: Nope.

- Job: Dunno.

- Kids: Jesus, no!

- Kickboxing or karate: None.

- Keep a journal? Me ? No.

- Longest Car Ride: . .

- Love: No.

- Letter: . .

- Laughed so hard you cried: Normally.

- Love at first sight: No.

- Milk flavour: Dunno now.

- Movie: Alice in Wonderland, Vendetta.

- Mooned anyone? Nope.

- Marriage: Dunno, maybe.

- Motion sickness? Nope.

- McD’s or BK: Mc.

- Number of Siblings: Nope.

- Number of Piercings: I used to have one.

- Number: 27

- Overused Phrases: Fuck you ! Wtf?! Jesus!

- One wish: Să te duci dracu !

- One phobia: Nope.

- Place you’d like to live: London.

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi.


- Quail: :-??

- Questionnaires: Cul.

- Reason to cry: None.

- Reality T.V.: Maybe Neaţa cu Răzvan şi Dani.

- Radio Station: Dunno.

- Roll your tongue in a circle? O_O

- Song: Sonata Arctica - Broken.

- Shoe size: Dunno.

- Sushi: Nope.

- Skipped school: Yeah.

- Slept outside: Yes.

- Seen a dead body? Yes.

- Smoked? Yes.

- Skinny dipped? . .

- Shower daily?Yes

- Sing well?At guitar yeah.

- In the shower?Nope.

- Swear? Yup.

- Stuffed Animals? Yes.

- Single/Group dates: Group.

- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries.

- Scientists need to invent: Ceva contra idioţeniei oamenilor.

- Time for bed: Târziu.

- Thunderstorms: Love them.

- Touch your tongue to your nose? Yes.

- Unpredictable: Yes.

- Under the influence? No.

- Understanding? Yes.

- Vegetable you hate: Brocolli.

- Vegetable you love: Roşii.

- Weakness: Dunno.

- When you grow up: O să devin un killăr în cinstea lui Nya.

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: R.

- Who makes you laugh the most: R.

- Worst feeling: Dunno.

- Wanted to be a model? Jesus, no !

- Where do we go when we die: În Iad.

- Worst weather: Sunny, maybe.

- Walk with a book on your head? No.

- X-Rays:

-Year it is now: 2010

-Yellow: Yellowcard.

- Zoo animal: Leul.

- Zodiac sign: Leu.

1. Slept in a bed beside you? No one.
2. Last person to see you cry? No one.
3. Went to the movies with you? Friends.
4. You went to the mall with? Friends.
5. You went to dinner with? None.
6. You talked to on the phone? Friends.
7. Made you laugh? R.

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Akasuna Azarin Lynn spunea...

- Annoyance: cocalari şi piţipoance

- Allergic: la manele

- Animal: mâţe

- Actor: Johnny Depp

looool si eu la fel =]]

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